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Our Mission

To unite its member clubs behind a shared agenda of conservation goals.

To help its member clubs become more effective in their own conservation work

by educating them on the basic issues;
by disseminating information on the challenges and opportunities for conservation; and
by fostering understanding of effective means for reaching its goals.

To lend its support to the conservation campaigns of allied groups that specialize in given issues (in pursuit of its shared agenda).

To help its member clubs find solutions to their operating problems through sharing information about solutions that some may have found.

Conservation Aims

To secure additional protection for qualified areas of wilderness on public lands.

To protect wildlife, native plants, waters and lands in wildlife refuges and through other means.

To preserve the natural integrity of areas valuable for recreation.

To promote stewardship of forests on public and private lands, while preserving remaining old-growth forests.

To protect and restore the quality of air, water, and soils and the integrity of rivers, lakes, wetlands, coasts, grasslands and deserts.

Established in 1932 for Mutual Service and for the Promotion of the Proper Use, Enjoyment
and Protection of America's Scenic Wilderness and Outdoor Recreation Resources.